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Claire Robertson-Dwyer (born October 20th 1976) is an English poet, performance artist, bookmaker and calligrapher. She is based in Yorkshire, England, and has performed in the US and other international countries.

Her company, Bluelead Projects, publishes hand-made letterpress books, CD albums, broadsheets, pamphlets and DVD's in limited editions. Robertson-Dwyer began performing in London in 1999. Her influences stem from magical poetics and her studies in the psychic arena.

In her writing, Claire explores language and lettering using multisensory poetics. Her work often questions the relationships between desire and traumatic experience, frequently exploring spiritual modes of rebirth. Claire's projects and research alternate between live performance, publishing poetic pieces, and performance-orientated, often synaesthetically driven, writing and short films. https://www.facebook.com/blueleadprojects/

Before moving back to Yorkshire, Claire worked in the film industry in London and in the live art scene in Chicago. Her company, Bluelead Projects, recently renovated an old listed building in the centre of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, that had laid dormant for over 30 years, creating art studios and a performance space called Vortex Gallery, which regularly hosts art exhibitions, multi-media installations, life drawing & calligraphy classes and one off performance events. https://www.facebook.com/vortexgallery/

“There's something very difficult to categorise about her work, which I personally enjoy. Every time I see Robertson-Dwyer perform I am left with the feeling that something shamanic and very feminine (almost uncomfortably so - like walking into my sister's bedroom as they were dressing) is happening. Where so much spoken word has nothing much to offer but the laugh, or vulgarity or self-definition, Robertson-Dwyer’s seems like a warm prayer for the atheist and because of that compelling and important. When she performs, I feel at times like I'm watching a priestess from a very long time ago.”

David Spencer, German British dramatist and radio play author.


Audio CD Album
This Golden 'O' (Bluelead Projects, 2016)

Short Films
Wyldstyle   (Roger Kinder, Robert Norbury, 2016)  https://vimeo.com/182997270
The Other Peace  (Rattle & Thud, 2016)

Feathergill's Donkey Brand (Incline Press, 2014)
The Rage of Coming of Age (Bluelead Projects, 2012
The She Boxer (Bluelead Projects, 2011)

Performance DVD's
The Blush In Blue Language (Bluelead Projects, 2011)


Robertson-Dwyer has taught Film, Performance and Poetry at the University of York St. John, Salford University and Columbia College, Chicago.


All are available for sale through the contact page.

…being without Being is blue...